Have you ever wanted a website that you could control but you have little or no web design knowledge and not a clue where to start?  Need your website redesigned?  We can also design a website and maintain it for you.  We will do our best to design an affordable website to fit your needs and your products.

With the Sherlock Designer - I did it myself program and the Mals-E shopping cart system, you can be taking internet orders in just minutes. Just enter your product information, load your images, and your catalog page will automatically be displayed!  It's the easiest way to create a searchable online ordering catalog to list your products  with unlimited options such as sizes, colors and styles.

Our deluxe catalog contains unlimited categories with two subcategory levels, unlimited products, unlimited pages and multiple searching by price, category, catalog number or keyword. It also includes premium features such as a multi-column format, meta tag support, and inventory control by item or first option, plus many extras.

We have a program to fit your budget.

The Sherlock Designer is fully customizable - the catalog can be modified to fit your specific needs. Click on the links for a list of the Sherlock Designer features, and sites using the Sherlock Designer.

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